воскресенье, 12 апреля 2009 г.

Let's start

I'm in the Netherlands

All that was before this worth it to get here! ... the Dutch studenthouse :)

View from the window:

this is certainly not studenthouse of Ufa's Aviation University, but the studenthouse

faced with domestic problems, but kind Dutch and international students have helped me to survive
especially thanks to one guy from my floor (the names I cant even repeat, especially to remember), which has helped me to dig dishes in a heap junk (shops do not work), borrowed a pot, and insisted me to steal a package of toilet paper, otherwise the said NFW

My room will cost about 340 euro! In Russia, you can rent a good one-room apartment for such money!
And thanks to the local Russian-speaking: Julia from Russia and Maya from Kazakhstan - is warmly welcomed, fed, talked ...

- everybody everywhere hiss
- Stores are working 6 days a week and only up to 5 (!!!)
- Easter at April ,12th and they are
staying 3 days (so I didn't buy all that I need till 5
so now I have to wait until next Saturday.
O Lord, do not let me die from starvation for a week!
Although I can finally lose weight :)
- all dissolved and flowering
- All Dutch people have one face (as the Chinese people!)
- their lunguage is something between English and German. Just add h everywhere
- everybody very friendly and almost everybody speaks English, and when I say that I am from Russia is knowingly nod
- gulls and ducks flying everywhere and birds sing (they generally live in harmony with nature. So far, was traveling by train, seen as the lamb lies everywhere, pasture, horses...)
- sell flowers everywhere - even the neighboring Germans come to buy them
- You can drink water straight from the tap! I asked 1000 times everybody! And Yes! It is pure! Such good filters! After finola in Ufa and color with the taste and smell (even after filter) of water in Moscow is exotic. Well, at least it's the savings.
- Bicycles more than cars and pedestrians. And steal their most. So I still wait with the purchase.

I need to do the presentation of Russia for the company.

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