среда, 7 августа 2013 г.

Differences between the Netherlands and Russia

The biggest difference is the attitude of people to everything:
- work - in the Netherlands I don't feel any hierarhy. It seems like more relaxed, however it is more productive. I learn a lot about psychology and International business.
- children - they are allowed to do almost everything - even to walk with naked feet when it's cold!
- happiness - people enjoy life and small things - they are much more happier here.
- conflicts - solved in very constructive way.
- scandals - I haven't seen any in 4,5 years here what is unbelivable for me!
- International diversity - I'm not sure if in the nearest 50 years Russia is able to manage to be a bit closer to the Netherlands in this question...
- social diversity - everybody treated as equal and look like equal (even if the person is millioner :))

- helping other countries and people with different sexual orientation (in my country even gay parade is forbidden!).

- reputation: I can fully trust people here.

- bicycles - it is not a sport here - it is way of life!

- even garbage which is sorted here.